Catholic Board of Education issues Covid-19 Prayer for Schools

God, our Loving Father,
We, at this school, are all your beloved sons and daughters.
We humbly come to You, our only hope.
We are nothing without You.
We thank You for the gift of life.
We acknowledge Your mighty power.

We place all the people of the world under Your mighty power during this time of pandemic.
Your Beloved Son Jesus said: Ask and you will receive, knock and the door will be opened to you, seek and you will find.
Therefore we humbly come to You with trust and hope.
We ask You to protect the whole world which is in trouble with Covid-19.
Your apostles were once in trouble during a storm at sea. Immediately they turned to You because they knew You  would save them.
Be merciful to us by blessing us with Your all-powerful Hand.

Bless all our doctors, nurses and health-care workers who risk their lives to save those infected with the Coronavirus.
Help our scientists find a vaccine to bring the virus to a swift end.
Give healing and recovery to all who are suffering from the virus.
Bless all our teachers who are helping us to prepare for our end of the year exams.

We thank them by co-operating with them in doing all our school work well.

Bless all our staff who clean our school and provide our meals. Bless also our parents who worry about us when we are at school that they may trust in Your care and protection for all of us.
Console the families who have lost their loved ones and give them hope of life.

Those who have passed away please accept them in Your heavenly place.
To those who have not yet been infected please protect them with Your powerful hand.

Mary, our Mother, please intercede for us with your son Jesus, as you did at Cana of Galilee so that joy and celebration may return after this moment of trial.
Finally, help us to be ever mindful to love and care for one another.

May we protect not only ourselves from getting infected but also those we come into contact with by regularly washing our hands, the wearing of our face masks and while doing social distancing may we never distance ourselves from Your love, for our hearts are restless,0 lord, until they rest in You.