About Social Action Department


22.1. Mandate

The Department for Catholic Social Action is at the service of the dioceses of the Conference, initiating reflection on Catholic Social Teachings, discerning the signs of the times together with member agencies, promoting the prophetic stance of the Church and collaborating with the Departments of the Conference under the leadership of the Council for Evangelisation.

Members of the Department:

22.1.1 Study socio-economic and political issues affecting people;

22.1.2 Collaborate on common issues;

22.1.3 Share information on goals and plans and work towards increased joint activities;

22.1.4  Promotes increased consciousness within the universal Church about major socio-economic issues;

22.1.5  Explore ways of becoming more self-sustaining;

22.1.6 Link where possible with other Catholic organisations that do not fall under the Bishops’ Conference.

22.2. Function

The Department consists of agencies of the Conference involved in crisis relief, welfare, development and advocacy. The Department meets twice a year. Other agencies within or outside of the Conference, which have similar mandates, may be invited to participate in the meetings when appropriate.

22.3. Membership

The Department consists of the following members:

  • The Episcopal Chairperson;
  • The Episcopal Vice-Chairperson;
  • Liaison Bishops assigned to member agencies;
  • The Coordinating Secretary;
  • One representative from each of the following agencies:
    • Justice and Peace Commission;
    • Catholic Health Care Association;
    • Denis Hurley Peace Institute;
    • Rural Development Support Programme (RSDP);
    • Rural Education Access Programme (REAP);
    • Siyabhabha;
    • Catholic Parliamentary Liaison Office (CPLO);
    • AIDS Office;
    • Counter Trafficking in Persons Office
    • Migrants and Refugees
    • Caritas SACBC

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