The Commission for Catechetics is at the service of the Dioceses, working with diocesan catechetical coordinators and other catechetical structures; develops and promotes catechetical research and programmes at the request of the Conference and in co-operation with diocesan and other catechetical bodies.

The implementation of the baptismal catechumenate as a process of formation and a true school of the faith for all catechesis is at the heart its mandate.


The official respondent of the Conference to the relevant Congregations and Councils of the Holy See, and to the related bodies of other Episcopal Conferences;

Promotes catechesis as an essential service to Christian Initiation and formation of all the baptised;

Offers, in conjunction with other pastoral agencies, materials, workshops and courses for the on-going formation of catechists;

Promotes cooperation with the Bible Society in the translation and publication of the Holy Bible into the various languages used in the Conference area;

Liaises with and supports the various catechetical training institutes and programmes in the member dioceses.


The Commission consists of the following:

  • the Episcopal Chairperson of the Department for Christian Formation, Liturgy and Culture;
  • the Episcopal Vice-Chairperson of the same Department;
  • the third Episcopal Member of the same Department
  • the Coordinating Secretary of the Department
  • the Secretary of the Commission
  • the Director of the Catholic Bible Foundation
  • co-opted members who contribute catechetical expertise and have been appointed by the Commission as consultants.

Coordinating Secretary:

Sr Patricia Finn
129 Main Street, Waterkloof – Pretoria
PO Box 941
Tel: +27 11 680 2108
Email Address:

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