Province of Durban
The Good Shepherd, Our Lady of Sorrows


Postal Address:
PO Box 23, Mtubatuba 3935
Residence:  Lot 51 Riverview Catholic Mission Mtubatuba
Tel: 035 550 1051
Bp House telephone number 035 – 5500418
Fax: 035 550 1062

Coat of Arms and Motto


The truth will set you free


  1. Rt Rev Bishop Thomas Spreiter, OSB, Titular Bishop of Thaenae. Consecrated 1 May 1906 as second Vicar Apostolic of Dar-es-Salaam; Prefect Apostolic of Zululand 27 August 1921; first Vicar Apostolic of Eshowe 11 December 1923; resigned 14 May 1943, died 27 January 1944 at Inkamana.
  2. V. Rev Theodos Schall OSB, Administrator Apostolic from 14 May 1943 to 3 August 1947.
  3. Rt Rev Bishop Aurelian Bilgeri OSB, appointed 12 June 1947. Consecrated Titular Bishop of Germanicopolos and second Vicar Apostolic of Eshowe 14 September 1947. First
    Bishop of Eshowe 11 January 1951. Died 24 July 1973 at Mtunzini.
  4. Rt Rev Bishop Mansuet Dela Biyase, appointed Bishop on 28th February 1975. He was ordained Bishop on 28 June 1975. He died on 1 July 2005.
  5. Rt Rev Bishop Siegfried Mandla Jwara C.M.M, appointed Bishop on 30 April 2016, ordained Bishop 25 June 2016, Appointed Archbishop of Durban 09 June 2021.

History of the Diocese

The Prefecture was erected by the Bull “Quoniam Praecipuas” dated 12 November 1962 and entrusted to the United States of America Eastern Province of the Order of Servants of Mary. The Prefecture was raised to the status Vicariate Apostolic by the Bull “Alacri Profecto” dated 19 November 1990. The boundries of the territory are: Mozambique and Swaziland to the North; the Indian Ocean on the East; the Diocese of Eshowe to the West and South. The Vicariate is comprised of three magisterial districts: Ingwavuma, Ubombo and Hlabisa.

Area: 12 386 sq. km.

Total Pop: 746 586

Cath Pop: 25 780

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