Aliwal North

Province of Cape Town
The Sacred Heart of Jesus

Right Reverend
Bishop Joseph Mary Kizito
Appointed 15th November 2019
ordained 15th February 2020

Postal Address:
PO Box 27, Aliwal North 9750.
Residence: 53 Cathcart Street, Aliwal North.
Tel: 051 633 2342
Fax: 051 633

Coat of Arms and Motto


Love one another


  1. Rt Rev Bishop FW Demont SCJ 1936-1944. Died 1964 in Germany.
  2. Rt Rev Mgr PL Meyer SCJ Acting Administrator 1944-1946. Died 1965 in USA.
  3. Rt Rev Bishop J Lueck SCJ 1947-1973. Died 2000 in Germany.
  4. Rt Rev Bishop E Baaij SCJ 1974-1981. Resigned 30th October 1981. Nazareth
    House, 10 Park Lane, Port Elizabeth 6001. Tel: 041 373 1948. Died 31 January
  5. Rt Rev Bishop J De Palma SCJ, Apostolic Administrator 1981-1986. Retired 18 November 1987. Died 3rd February 2005.
  6.  Rt Rev Bishop Fritz Lobinger. Retired 29 April 2004.
  7. Rt Rev Bishop Oswald Hirmer, Apostolic Administrator 2004-2008, died 5.3.2011.
  8. Rt Rev Bishop Michael Wüstenberg, Bishop 19 December 2007, Retired Day, Month, 2017

History of the Diocese

This ecclesiastical territory was entrusted to the Congregation of the Priests of the Sacred Heart in 1923, and was formerly known as the Gariep Prefecture. The Rt Rev Mgr FW Demont, SCJ, was the first Prefect Apostolic. In 1936 the Prefecture was raised to the status of Vicariate and became known as the Aliwal Vicariate. It was erected as diocese in 1951. In 1953 the Western portion of the Diocese was detached and became the Prefecture of De Aar. The Diocese of Aliwal now comprises (parts of) the municipalities of Inkwanca, Gariep, Kopanong-Xhariep, Maletswai, Senqu and Ukhahlamba.

Area: 31 200 sq. km.

Total Pop: 510 000

Cath Pop: 16 174

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