About Clergy Department


20.1   Mandate

The Department for Formation, Life and Ministry of Clergy is responsible for all matters relating to the formation, life and ministry of clergy.

20.2  Function

The Department oversees and coordinates the work of the different member bodies which include the promotion and recruitment of vocations, seminary formation, the life and ministry of deacons and priests, specialised ministries and professional conduct;

20.2.1   The Department is the official liaison of the Conference with the Congregation of the Clergy and the Congregation for Evangelisation in relation to the life and ministry of priests;

20.2.2   The official liaison with the Congregation for Catholic Education in relation to the formation of priests and deacons;

20.2.3   The Official liaison with the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in relation to clerical life and discipline.

20.3   Membership

   The Department consists of the following:

  • The Episcopal Chairperson;
  • The First Episcopal Vice-Chairperson;
  • The Second Episcopal Vice-Chairperson;
  • Liaison bishops of the member bodies of the Department;
  • The Coordinating Secretary of the Department

20.4  Member bodies of the Department

20.4.1 Commission for Seminaries;

20.4.2 Councils:

  • Southern African Council of Priests (SACOP)
  • Council for Permanent Deacons

20.4.3  Committees:

  • On-Going Formation Committee
  • Professional Conduct Committee
  • Inter-Diocesan Vocations Coordinating Committee

20.4.4  Offices:

  • Specialised Ministries

20.4.5  Autonomous Bodies:

  • St Joseph’s Theological Institute, Cedara
  • Leadership Conference of Consecrated Life Southern Africa

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