Province of Bloemfontein
The Immaculate Heart of Mary

Right Reverend
BISHOP Duncan Theodore Tsoke
Appointed Bishop on 3rd March 2021
Ordained Bishop the 17 April 2021

Postal Address:
PO Box 309, Kimberley 8300.
Residence: 20 Dalham Road
Tel: 053 831 1861/2
Fax: 053 831 1863

Coat of Arms and Motto


  1. Rt Rev Anthony Gaughren OMI was consecrated 8 June 1886, Titular Bishop of Prienne. He died 15 January 1901.
  2. Rt Rev Matthew Gaughren OMI was consecrated 23 January 1902, Titular Bishop of Tentyra and died 1 June 1914.
  3. Rt Rev Bishop Charles Cox OMI, Titular Bishop of Dioclea, Vicar Apostolate of the Transvaal Vicariate, acted as Administrator of the Kimberley Vicariate from September 1914 to 5 November 1924 when the Rt Rev Hermann Joseph Meysing OMI was appointed Administrator Apostolic, consecrated 19 March 1930, Titular Bishop of Mina and appointed Archbishop of Bloemfontein 11 January 1951 and acted as Administrator \apostolic of the Kimberley Diocese from 11 January 1951 to 27 August 1953. He died 21 October 1963.
  4. Rt Rev Bishop John Bokenfohr OMI was consecrated 3 May 1953, resigned 1 July and died 9 August 1982 as Cornwall, Canada.
  5. Rt Rev Erwin Hecht OMI Ordained Bishop of the Titular See of Obba 11 May 1972 as Auxiliary to Bishop Bokenfohr OMI, he was appointed Bishop of Kimberley on 1 July and installed on 24 November 1974. Resigned 2009.

History of the Diocese

Separated from the Vicariate of natal 1st June 1886, the Diocese of Kimberley, established 11 January 1951, is the North of Orange River and comprises territory in the northern part of the Cape Province. The civil districts in the Northern Cape are: Barkly West, hay, Herbert, Kuruman, Mafikeng, Taung, Vryburg. The section of Botswana which is south of the Tropic of Capricorn (comprising the civil districts of Lobatse, Gaborone, Molepolole, part of Serowe and Tsabong) was detached from Kimberley Diocese on 24 April 1959.

Area:123 082 sq. km

Total Pop: 2 000 000

Cath Pop: 120,000

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