Catholic Institute of Education (CIE)

Our vision

Catholic educational institutions working together to offer quality education that meets the physical, intellectual, moral, spiritual and social needs of learners, and inspires them to live the values taught by Jesus.

Our mission

The Catholic Institute of Education promotes and supports quality education for the common good through the spiritual, intellectual and professional formation of leaders and teachers in Catholic schools and skills centres. We are committed to justice and compassion, and offer a Catholic perspective in our engagement with society as we work in solidarity with people most in need.

Our values


We are forthright, honest and trustworthy in all of our activities, and use time, money and resources wisely.


We are vigilant, embrace change, are responsive to those we serve and strive to meet their needs where possible. We work collaboratively, asking for and giving support when required, and sharing our successes with others across the organisation and the broader network.


We treat each other and those we serve with respect, are committed to truth and human rights, and respond in practical ways. We value everyone’s contribution, regardless of difference, provide equal access to opportunities, and challenge unfair discrimination.


We create an environment where care flourishes and where our relationships enable us to respond to the needs of others. We listen to others and show consideration and empathy for their emotional and physical well-being.


We recognise that we operate in an ever-changing world, and strive to build the knowledge and skills base of our organisation and those we serve.

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