Rural Education Access Programme(REAP)

Our Mission

REAP is a unique organisation that will provide an effective and accountable education access programme. We will endeavour to facilitate access funds for Higher Education and to develop and empower skilled graduates.

By working with these students we will have an impact on the demographic inequality in South Africa.

We will endeavour to give the disadvantaged, isolated and marginalised rural youth the opportunity to overcome inherent academic and social hurdles in order to realise their potential.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create an organisation rooted the Catholic ethos which provides inter-faith access to educational opportunities for the marginalised rural youth.

We strive to alleviate poverty through facilitating access to tertiary education. It is our belief that it is crucial to securing peace, socio-economic justice, freedom and the dignity of the individual and community.

We embrace the call of community serving humanity through the holistic education development of rural youth who will be empowered to make a positive contribution in the community and on civil society in South Africa.

REAP will carry out these actions to give our graduates skills which will contribute towards alleviation of poverty and help bring about economic and social well being for all South Africans.

REAP is a associate body of the Conference in partnership with the National Student Financial Aid Scheme. REAP students access a subsidised loan for tuition fees, a small grant for books and living expenses and a support programme enabling successful completion of their studies. A student adviser facilitates problem solving and motivates and monitors performance. Workshops develop both academic and social skills.

Many young people from rural communities struggle against the odds to matriculate. REAP offers them access to tertiary education and hope for a better life. Through a formal Higher Educatio n they can escape the cycle of rural poverty, fully develop their potential, contribute to their community and country and uplift their families.

Currently REAP has some 400 students doing a range of degrees and diplomas at most South African universities. The mid-year pass rate was 89%. Recent research shows that the output rate (completion of studies and graduation) for REAP students is more that 26% better than the national average.

A volunteer diocesan network interviews some 1 000 shy young learners each year. After less than a year of study a confident, energised young person emerges, hopeful of a world full of promise.

REAP is a registered NPO with tax exemption status, has a staff of 10, works nationwide and is supported by European donors and South African corporate funds.


Mr Russell Davies

35-37 Birdwood Street,

Postal Address:
PO Box 198, Athllone, 7760

Tel: 021 696 5500
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