Communication & Media Office


47.1 Mandate

The Office for Media and Communications assists the Conference in implementing the vision of Aetatis Novae.

47.2 Function

The office facilitates and promotes media communication of the Conference and liaises, on its behalf, with the press, radio and television, also the world of cinema, theatre, art and social media platforms. In pursuance of this aim the Office

47.2.1 prepares Conference statements for the media when required to do so and organise media conferences and briefings;

47.2.2 Builds and maintains links with Catholics in the media world, encouraging them to join international professional organisations such as the International Catholic Union of the Press (UCIP), the International Catholic Association for Radio and Television (UNDA), the International Catholic Organisation for Cinema and Audio-Visual (OCIC);

47.2.3 Seeks out and maintains contact with knowledgeable advisors in the mass media;

47.2.4 Recommends to the Administrative Board suitable persons to represent the Conference on media bodies on which the Conference is entitled to representation;

47.2.5 seeks out and encourages suitable Catholics who can undertake media work on behalf of the Church;

47.2.6 initiates training in basic communications and media skills for suitable persons among the clergy and laity;

47.2.7 Facilitates communication links between Dioceses and the Conference.

47.2.8 Corresponds on behalf of the Conference with the Office’s sister bodies in the Holy See and on the African continent.

47.2.9 Administers the Conference’s Media and Communications Trust Funds.

47.3 Membership

 Liaison Bishop
 Secretary General and Associate
 Media Officer
 Media Advisors (three or four)

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