About Finance Department


24.1 Mandate

24.1.1 The Department for Finance assists the Conference in its business transactions and in the administration of its finances. The Department exercises its functions through the Finance Management Committee and fundraising bodies, namely Lenten Appeal, Pontifical Mission Societies and SACBC Foundation.

24.1.2 The Department is also at the service of the dioceses of the Conference when requested for assistance with training in financial management and administration.

24.1.3 The Department makes recommendations to the Administrative Board concerning the annual budget and financial reports of the General Secretariat, the Departments and the Offices.

The day-to-day financial management of the Conference is entrusted to the Secretary General, the Financial Manager of the Conference and the Finance Management Committee.

24.2 Functions of the Department for Finance The Department:

24.2.1 assists the Conference in all matters involving finance;

24.2.2 establishes and approves financial policies, reporting and accounting policies for the Conference and ensures these are adhered to and complied with;

24.2.3 draws up an annual financial statement and budgets for the Conference;

24.2.4 ensures that the annual financial statements are audited and comply with South African legislation

24.2.5 examines and recommends to the Administrative Board the budgets of Departments and dependent bodies;

24.2.6 examines and makes recommendations concerning bookkeeping and financial reports of the Conference, General Secretariat, the Departments, Offices, Seminaries and all other dependent bodies;

24.2.7 lists all funds made available by the Conference or to the Conference from other resources, and makes recommendations to the Administrative Board concerning their distribution according to the terms of their allocation;

24.2. 8 pre-empts the unauthorised use of funds and investigates any fraud or misappropriation of funds;

24.2.9 approves the expenditure of delegates, including clergy, religious and laity, who represent the Conference at important local or overseas conferences and congresses;

24.2.10 revises annually the levies paid by the Dioceses to the Conference and makes suitable recommendations to the Administrative Board;

24.2.11 endeavours to raise funds through investigating sources of income, and makes proposals regarding these;

reviews regularly the investments of the Conference, and makes appropriate recommendations to the Administrative Board;

endeavours to build up a reserve fund to provide capital for the Conference;

24.2.14 advises the Conference before decisions are taken, on all matters concerning movable and immovable property;

24.2.15 offers its services viz. financial training, monitoring and financial advice to member dioceses.

24.3 Membership of the Department for Finance

24.3.1 The Department for Finance consists of the following:

 an Episcopal Chairperson,
 an Episcopal Vice-Chairperson
 a third Episcopal member;
 the Secretary General and Associate(s);
 the Financial Manager of the Conference;
 the Finance Management Committee.

24.3.2 Offices and other Financial Entities

 the Director of Bishops’ Lenten Appeal (BLA)
 the Director of Pontifical Mission Societies (PMS)
 the Co-ordinator of SACBC Foundation

24.4 Meetings of the Department for Finance

24.4.1 The Department meets at least four times per annum.

24.4.2 The representatives of other financial entities in different Departments are required to attend the Department for Finance Meeting at least once a year and report to the Department for Finance on activities undertaken in a format to be determined. The Secretary General informs those concerned when this meeting is to take place.

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