Province of Durban
Our Lady of Lourdes

Right Reverend
Appointed Bishop of Umzimkulu on 31st December 2008. Ordination was on 14 March 2009 in Umzimkulu.

Postal Address:
PO Box 332, Harding 4680.
Residence: 19 Ballance Street, Harding
Tel: 039 433 1421
Fax: 086 513 6280
E-mail: /


Coat of Arms and Motto


In Servitio Populi Dei


  1. Rt. Rev Pius Bonaventure Dlamini FFJ ordained on 26 April 1954.
  2. Very Rev Msgr. Peter J Butelezi, OMI was appointed Apostolic Administrator on 8 January 1968
  3. Most Rev Denis E Hurley OMI, Archbishop of Durban was appointed Apostolic Administrator on 11 September 1972.
  4. Rt. Rev Sithunywa Gerard Ndlovu was appointed second Bishop of Umzimkulu on 22 December 1986. He was ordained and canonically installed on 25 April 1987. He resigned in August 1994.
  5. H.E. Wilfrid Cardinal F Napier OFM, appointed Apostolic Administrator on 1 August 1994 and took possession on 21 September 1994 until March 2009.

History of the Diocese

The Diocese of Umzimkulu was established in 1954 by the excision from the Diocese of Mariannhill, of the civil districts of Umzimkulu, Harding and portions of the districts of Port Shepstone, Bulwer and Himeville, south of the Umzimkulu River.

Area: 15 275 sq. km.

Total Pop: 509 324

Cath Pop: 89 856

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