Watch Newsroom Africa today 17:00, DSTV Channel 405, is Hosting Catholic Church Bishop Victor Phalana on the Court Case to secure Justice for Sick Miners working for Sasol

Directly or indirectly we are affected by the sickness of, either our parents or our brothers, who have been working in the mining industry and because of their exposure to the hazardous environment of their work, have contracted diseases that are not curable. Some of them have succumbed to the diseases and lost the battle, while other are still alive but under severe sufferings.

SACBC Justice and Peace has been working hard together with relevant stakeholders to make sure that their due is given to them and to the members of their families.

SACBC invites you to follow the discussions around the issue this evening. Newsroom African is the channel to watch today at 17:00. Sit back and watch Bishop Victor Phalana and other panelists and the discuss the issue.

For more information contact: Fr Paul Tatu – +27 78 75 36 264



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