SACBC Communication and Media,Ikhanya News,News Vatican Communication Department recognizes the role of Lay Catholic Publishers in the mission of the Church

Vatican Communication Department recognizes the role of Lay Catholic Publishers in the mission of the Church

1st International Catholic Publishers’ Conference held in Rome

The Communication Department at the Vatican, hosted the very first international conference, where Catholic publishers throughout most parts of the world were invited and gathered in Rome from 23 to 29th June 2019.

The topics varied from digital, cultural, religious challenges that affects Publishers in the Catholic Media. The audience were mostly made of laymen and women (professionals) from small, medium and big publishing houses.

The purpose of the conference was to help Catholic Publishers and other Catholic Media Houses throughout the universe to be effectively responsive to industrial transformation and adapt to industrial challenges.

Ms Ipeleng Tlhankana, a Founder and Chief Editor of Reality, A Catholic Lifestyle Magazine, represented Africa, at the Conference.

The Conference acknowledged that Media plays an integral part of development in any organization, institution and entity. With no effective tools and strategies of communication no organization will emerge as an effective change agent.

The conference further acknowledged that globalization and industrialization of media, has become one of the most fast growing entities in modern society. Growth and development are dependent on information, education and knowledge.

Many publishers present at the conference, related different challenges and opportunities in their work environment. In spite of the challenges they expressed their readiness to continue to spread the good news and carry their pastoral duties with integrity in their unique settings.

“One thing became clear during the conference is that print media cannot continue to operate in silos. A combination of both print and digital need to be harnessed to cater for a global readership”, reported Ipeleng.

“As media evolves, so does the different modes of operation need test especially if the Church wants to continue to attract the youth into participating in various platforms of ministry”, said Ipeleng.

In evaluating the state of readership in Catholic Publishing Media in the Church, Ipeleng said that the best approach to succeed in the industry is first to determine what our various parishioners need, rather than what we can offer.

“If we can align our approaches to how, when and what in terms of use, then we are likely to maintain our old and attract more youth, through our different modes of communication”, she asserted.

During her presentation at the Conference, Ms Tlhankana also said, “It has become rather obvious that we have a youth population that is very visual, creative and responsive to digitization. It is because even technology has advanced so much that linear media cannot be the only source of communication and information”.

Lastly, Ms Tlhankana stated some of the challenges shared by the participants which on the main, range as follows;

1. Lack of resources from Bishops Conferences.
2. A decrease in Catholics buying and reading literature.
3. Traditional media hasn’t become mundane and needs responsive current media progressive approaches.
4. Lastly, the platforms promoting Catholics Media are still operating in silos without being integrated and aligned to each other.

“The Conference resolved that there is a need for more platforms to be created and a need to broaden access to publication, embarking on a special transition from linear to digital publication. The two approaches complement each other”, she stated.

Lastly, the conference also resolved to have international Catholic Community of publishers which will be more involved in making submissions for future conferences and the issues to be debated.

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