South Africa hosts International Conference for Migrates and Refugees

Challenges in dealing with migrants and refugees.

Johannesburg – Lumko Institute, 4th – 6th  December 2018

The Scalabrinian Centre for Migation Studies (CSEM) of Brasilia, Brazil, in partnership with Weltkirche of Germany, the Bienvenue Shelter in Joahnnesburg and the Congregation of Scalabrianians Missionary Sisters will hold an International Conference in Johanesburg from 4 December to 6 December 2018 themed “Rebuilding lives at the borders: Challenges in dealing with migrants and refugees, supported by the South Africa Catholic Bishops Conference (SACBC), Radio Veritas and Lumko Institute. Read More….

The Conference objective will be to present the results CSEM research on migrants, refugees and people directly involved in serving these populations in the boader areas of Angola/ Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Mozambique/ South Africa, Mexico and United States of America and in three Dioceses in Italy. Additionally, the actual existing experiences of different countries on migrants, refugees and returnees will be presented.

The Conference organizers seek to bring together institutions and actors to listen and reflect on the results of these studies, share their experiences in serving and assisting mobile populations, reflect on the demands and impact as well as challenges and potential of the presence of migrants and refugees in local contexts. Information useful for organizations working directly or indirectly with migrants and refugees, especially in border areas, where the challenges of human mobility are most striking will be shared.

Conference participants are representatives of church organisations, civil society and international organisations from ten different countries (Mozambique, Angola, DRC, Brazil, Mexico, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Zimbabwe and South Africa). For South Africa in particular, participants will come from the various provinces. Notable attendees are the Superior General of the Scalabrianian Missionery Sisters, the Director of CSEM, The Director of  Weltkirche, Bishop of Dioceses directly involved with migration in Angola, Mozambique, and DRC. Also attending are members from international organisations such as United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), Jesuit Migrant Service (JMS), MISEREOR. Your Lordship, The Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Johannesburg and National President of CARITAS, Bishop Duncan Tsoke will also attend the opening and closing ceremonies.

A statement on the conference will be disseminated on the 6th of December 2018 at a press conference; and the conference results will be published in two books, in English and Portuguese, in print and electronic versions in 2019 and thereafter downloadable at the CSEM website.





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