SACBC Ikhanya News Bishop Joe Sandri Christmas Message to the Faithful, 2018

Bishop Joe Sandri Christmas Message to the Faithful, 2018

Bishop Joe Sandri – Witbank

God in Jesus becomes a baby, dependent in all on Joseph and Mary. Jesus becomes one of us, our brother. He lives with us, in us and among us. He loves us and he gives himself to us. He knocks at the door of our heart, of our relationships and activities. Let us open up to him. READ MORE… Let us welcome him with joy and generosity, giving space in our lives to the others: refugees, migrants,   poor, sick, weak, lonely, abandoned, those at the margins of society. Jesus teaches that we are all brothers and sisters, members of one family.  He proclaims: “What you do to one of these little ones, you do it to me.” What we do to each other, good or bad, we do it to God. What a challenge! All of us hunger and thirst for life, joy, acceptance, understanding, comfort, kindness, serenity, justice, forgiveness, beauty, security, health and peace. Dear family members, relatives, friends, benefactors, confreres, all those who know me, you are very precious gifts that God has given me. I am very grateful to have you. I thank you wholeheartedly for your presence and support. I remember you constantly in my prayers. Jesus, our only Saviour, may bestow on you a Christmas of deep communion and sharing in the warmth of God’s love with the members of your family and your friends and a 2019 filled with his graces and blessings.   Giuseppe (Joe) Sandri MCCJ Bishop of Witbank


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