Survey on Living the Catholic Faith During Covid-19 Pandemic. All the faithful in our dioceses need to take part

Survey on Living the Catholic Faith During Covid-19 Pandemic

The Pontifical Urbaniana University, on the initiative of the Faculty of Canon Law, has launched a survey on “how Catholics have been living their faith during the Covid-19 pandemic”.  The survey began on 29 June and will end on 15 August 2020. If you wish to know more about the purpose of the survey do click on the following link: then click on “Living the Faith during Covid-19 Pandemic”.

With this communication, we wish to request you to participate in the survey. The survey form opens by clicking this link:

The link works in “google chrome”; in case you have difficulty to access the survey form, copy the link and paste it on your google chrome browser.

You are also kindly requested to send the link to as many people as possible and to ask them to participate in it.

In order to participate in the survey, you have to first insert your valid email ID. It is our responsibility to guarantee your privacy and to ensure that all personal information which you will give us, is dealt with in a confidential manner. Having answered the relevant questions, do click the “submit” button at the bottom of the page.

Thanking you for your participation,

Prof. Elias Frank
Faculty of Canon Law
Pontifical Urbaniana University