St Lucia Retreat Centre

2023 – 2024 Retreats

4 (17h) – 6 August (14h) 2023

2-day Preached Retreat: “Contemplating Creation- An ecological understanding of Genesis Ch. 1”

Rev Peter  Habberton    R 1900

 6 (17h) – 15 (9h) October 2023

8-day Preached Retreat

Practicing spirituality with Sr Joyce Rupp

Fr. Chris Shonenberger            R 4 300

 3 (17h) – 5 (14h) November 2023

2-day Preached Retreat: “Go deeper with each other and experience, once again, deepest love.” 

A weekend for couples to reflect and pray on the experiences of their life and the Gospel of Luke 5:4-11

Fr Sifiso Mchunu, osm                R 3 400 for a couple

 21 (17h) – 23 (14h) November 2023

2-day Preached Retreat: “Finding ourselves in the Christmas Story”

A retreat to get ready as we embark upon the sacred season of Advent.        Rev Trevor Hudson           R 1 900

4 (17h) – 13 December (9h) 2023

8-day Directed Retreat for spending quality time with God in silence and prayer in the beautiful surroundings of the St. Lucia estuary. There will be a daily meeting with your retreat director who will guide you through the process.

Sr Elisabeth Marie Ansart, osu / Nontobeko Mhlongo    R 4 700

3 – 12 January 2024 / 3 January – 3 February 2024

8-day and 30-day Ignatian Directed Retreat.

Sr Elisabeth Marie Ansart, osu / Nontobeko Mhlongo

Director – St Lucia Retreat and Training Centre
073 913 0888

If you would like to support our work at the St Lucia Retreat Centre please consider making a donation: FNB/St Lucia Retreat Centre/ 62554969786/ Mtubatuba/ 220330. God bless. 



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