LCCL SA to launch Talita Kum, to end human trafficking

On the 9th April 2022, the Leadership Conference of Consecrated Life – Southern Africa (LCCLSA) will launch the Talitha Kum Project. The launching event will be carried live on Radio Veritas between 2pm and 3pm.

Talitha Kum is an international coalition of Networks of Consecrated Life working together to end human trafficking around the world through collaborative initiatives focused on prevention, protection, rehabilitation, partnership and advocacy, and promoting actions that affect the systemic causes of human trafficking.

In 2021 the LCCLSA received funding from the International Union of Superiors General for the workshops and training in preparation for this project. In the same year the steering committee of six sisters and one brother, together with representatives from Botswana and Malawi, had a three-day capacity building workshop facilitated by Sr. Melanie O’Connor of the SACBC Counter-Trafficking in Persons.

On the 8th February 2022, the International Day of Prayer and Awareness Against Human Trafficking, the Steering Committee participated on Talitha Kum International marathon prayer and human trafficking awareness. They had another workshop on Human Trafficking Awareness in February 2022.

The LCCL says human trafficking is on the rise on South Africa noting that the country is a primary source, destination and transit country for human trafficking. LCCL aims to take urgent measures to combat the rise of this modern-day slavery. People are invited to follow the launch of Talitha Kum on Radio Veritas.



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