Khanya House spirit-filled Ash Wednesday recollection

The Day of a recollection for Khanya House staff, the administrative office of the SACBC in Pretoria, went well, and was a spirit-filled moment for every member of the house. The recollection was led prayerfully by Fr. Dikotsi Mofokeng, a staff and formator at St. John Vianney, under the theme;  Return to the Lord, fitting to Ash Wednesday.

This he divided into two sub-titles; “Return to the Lord and find mercy”; based on Mt 16 the conflict between Jesus and Simon Peter. He pointed out that, “just as we think we know who is Jesus, we can quickly fall into the trap of wanting to take the lead, but we do not understand the plan of God.” He said people must learn to let the Lord to lead. “He is Master and let him speak in our every situation, work, family and among us as staff. When we return to Him, he is merciful, will forgive and embrace us anew.”

In the second session titled “Return to the Lord and find peace”; based on Jn 14 Fr. Mofokeng reminded that Jesus promises to give the gift of peace unlike the world gives. He noted that peace is a remedy of all disappointment and anxieties. He also pointed out that peace confront people’s struggles, with the inner and external conflict. “Peace pushes us to be gentle, patient, meek and mild with everyone,” said Fr. Mofokeng, adding that peace is God’s forgiveness to us and that where peace dwells, there is God.

He made his conclusion based on Mt 11; “Come to me all you who labour and burdened, I will give you rest. Come, take my yoke and learn from me, and you will find rest.”

In the end it was a joyous occasion, and all were moved into prayer and silence as they prepared for Mass and reception of Ashes. The day was with a lunch, and shared as a community the spirit of Lent which each has to embark on as a synodal team at Khanya House.



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