Get yourself a pair of Kneelies and pray better and comfortably

What is `kneelies?

A comfortable pad that wrapped around the knee to help alleviate the pain on the knees when praying. It is also a mechanism to help children of God to get back to the habit of kneeling when praying.

One of the most vital parts we ignore to take care of is our Knees.

Although they are the largest joints in the body, your knees are also among the most vulnerable to injury. Due to monthly hormonal fluctuations and anatomical differences, woman face a higher risk in knee injuries especially if they are active. But if you take precautions you can reduce the liklihood of painful or even debilitating injuries.

Did you know that about ¾ of our body mass is carried by our knees?

A person who is 5 kg overweight on the knees it feels like that weight is multiplied by 4 the extra pressure on the knees feels like an additional 20 kg.

Your Knees absorbs a huge amount of pressure with every step you take.

The pressure plus wear and tear takes a toll over time. Muscle and ligaments get weaker, the knees two shock absorber pads of cartilage called menisci start to deriorate. Over weight and knee injuries cause your knees to be more prone to deterioration.

Some may ask …. What causes the pain stiffnesss and swelling of my knees? The answer it’s the cartilage that has worn out causing bones to rub against ech other. That doesn’t mean you will give in to knee pain or the threat of it to interrup your life.

Strengthening the muscles  by boosting muscle strength, losing weight, increasing range of motion as most people’s joints get stiffer with age.

Health specialists also highly recommend that one wear cushioned shoes or gel inerts if you have a job/ hobby that involves standing on hard surfaces for long periods. Walking and kneeling on hard surfaces has impact on your knees.

Are knees an inportant part of your body? We use one knee to propose; we use both knees to pray, meditate etc.

Then we come to the activity very close to my heart Church and Prayer.

Growing up in religious enviorement brought to my realistion of how some members were restricted to bending or kneeling when praying……….Due to some challenge with the knees whether it came through injury during sport, inherited genes or just simply age. And in the meantime no matter where the challenge lies. There’s just something Divine, about excising to bend your knee to the Great Creator.

Insert your quotes below:

Down at your feet is the most High place Oh Lord
I am tallest when I am on my Knees?
Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess
Heaven and earth collide when Im on my knees

Our Objective:
What does Kneelies want to achive?
Specified time:
Short term Objective (3-5)
Long term Objectives:

Business Concept:
We have a Manufacturer supplying us with our patent brand
We stock and supply kneelies to church Institutions, Bookshops as well.
Product will be packaged in black draw string bags, as well as transparent plastic bags.

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