Fr. Mthembeni Dlamini appointed to the Catholic Pan African body

As a result of a need for all continents to have a team that is organizing the training of their chaplains and animators five names were brought forward to head and organize the African continent; Fr. Mthembeni Dlamini CMM, Fr. Sixte Hakiziman, Sr. Brigitte Mali, Ms. Pamela Bugwondeen, and Ms. Elsabeth Efren. Due to his proficiency in both English and French Fr. Sixte Hakiziman will be the chairperson of The Pan Africa Chaplains, Animators Formation Exchange Team (PA CAFE Team). This new development was communicated by the International Chaplain, Fr. Jojo Fung SJ on the 15th September 2021.

Fr. Mthembeni is the national chaplain of ACTS (Association of Catholic Tertiary Students) in the Southern African Catholic Bishops Conference (SACBC). ACTS is an affiliate of the National Movement of Catholic Students of South Africa (NMCS South Africa) which in turn is a member of International Movement of Catholic Students (IMCS).

This Regional Chaplaincy Team will work with the IMCS-MIEC regional coordination in Africa and other regions such as Asia Pacific, Latin America, North America and Europe. The aim is to generate a continent sensitive animators and chaplains’ formation programs for the potential and new animators and chaplains. This team will work with the International Chaplain and the Pan Africa Coordinator Mr Fasika and the Chaplain Fr Fratern Masawe from now up to 21 July 2022 as part of the celebration of the centennial year of the movement.

The PA CAFE Team had their first meeting online on the 25th September 2021 and will have their second online meeting on the 23rd October 2021. It is estimated that the training for the Pan African Region might start in January 2022.



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