Form Chapter 9 Anti-Corruption Institution: Civil Society applauds Catholic Bishops

Civil society organizations have applauded the Catholic Bishops for the call that they recently made on the government to establish chapter anti-corruption institution.  

In their statement released by Bishop Sipuka on 3rd November, the bishops raised concerns “that the investigative Directorate, despite its permanent placement in the National Prosecuting Authority, will not be sufficiently independent of the executive as it can easily be closed down by a simple majority of parliament, as had happened with the case of the Scorpions.  Therefore, we join the civil society in demanding that the government establishes an anti-corruption body as a new chapter 9 institution, with a mandate to investigate and prosecute serious corruption cases, which cannot, therefore, be closed down by a simple majority of parliament.”

Institute of Accountability in Southern Africa has been at the forefront of civil society campaign, calling on the government to establish the chapter 9 anti-corruption institution with investigative and prosecutorial powers.   

Commenting on the statement by the Bishops, Advocate Hoffman, the Director of Institute of Accountability, has thanked the bishops “for the support and succour you have given to this most vital campaign.”   He also expressed hope that “others in the faith sector would catch up with the Catholic bishops.”

Institute of Accountability will soon make an oral submission on the matter to the Constitutional Review Commission in the Parliament.  Its submission will be based on their written presentation:   
Setting the country into the right path will require a strong campaign for moral regeneration as well as establishment of anti-corruption institutions that are sufficiently insulated from political interference, state capture and factional battles.



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