Food parcels donation by Caritas Durban to flood victims

On Saturday, 14 May 2022, Caritas Durban led by its President Archbishop Mandla Jwara accompanied His Excellence, Archbishop Peter Wells, the Nuncio to Southern Africa together with his First Secretary, Monsignor Dario Paviša, to visit 3 of the areas that were affected by the devastating recent floods in Kwazulu Natal.

Caritas Durban organised nutritious food packs that the Archbishops handed over to more than hundred families on the same day. Their first stop was at St James Lamontville, Durban South Deanery, before going to the two other parish communities.

On the day the Apostolic Nuncio said the Holy Father had spoken personally at his message after the Easter services about the floods in Durban and the Eastern Cape. He noted that the Pope Francis promised his prayers and his concern for what is happening at the flooded affected areas. Archbishop Wells also reminded that the Holy Father had also been involved since covid started sending money for assistance in food parcels because he is concerned about the food security in South Africa.



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