DHPI and partners ask President Ramaphosa to remind G7 Leaders to not ignore crises in Africa

Due to growing concern about the way crises in Africa (and elsewhere in the world) are being ignored because of the war in Ukraine the DHPI (Denis Hurley Peace Institute) worked with its partner organization Crisis Action (they received a request for this from the Presidency) to write a letter to President Ramaphosa ahead of his participation in the G7 Leaders’ summit in Schloss Elmau this past weekend.

In under 48 hours they had managed to secure 41 signatures from a really great mix of national, regional and international organisations with a range of different mandates. The letter was sent to the President’s Office who have confirmed receipt and agreed to include in his G7 briefing pack. A letter was also sent to the Sherpas of other G7 delegations for transparency.

The letter dated 23rd June 2022 said to President Ramaphosa as he prepared to meet with the Leaders of the G7 at Schloss Elmau over the weekend, the undersigned group of African and international civil society members ask him to set out the critical areas where the G7 must act with urgency to address the mounting global crises as there is a risk that they miss a crucial opportunity to reflect on the impact of the war in Ukraine on the countries and peoples of Africa and the wider global community.

The letter addressed concerns on food and nutrition, climate transition, global health and economic support. The letter also suggests that South Africa co-hosts, with Germany, a second Leaders summit in the latter half of 2022 should discuss how better cooperation between advanced and emerging economies could protect already vulnerable populations – from the streets of Mariupol to Lesotho – from future shocks and a transition to a fairer, greener economy for all could start to be see.

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