Catholic Church Message of Condolences on the passing on of Fr Emil Blaser OP

It is with great sadness that we the Bishops of the SACBC have received the news of the passing of Fr Emil Blaser OP.  Fr Emil was the visionary and inspiration of Radio Veritas bringing the Good News to the people of South Africa.

As Bishops we send our condolences to the family of Fr Emil on their great loss coming so soon after the death of his mother. We extend sincere sympathies to the Dominican Family in South Africa who have lost a brother dedicated to the charism of the Order.

As Bishops our thoughts reach out to the staff of Radio Veritas who have lost the one who was their inspiration, director and friend. We say to the family, the listeners of Radio Veritas, that it is time now to touch that faith and trust in God which inspired Fr Emil.  His message was that God is with us, the Lord is risen, He speaks to us each day. The voice of Fr Emil falls silent but the Word of the Lord resounds. It was Fr Emil who brought us together and made us a family, he made us friends, companions sharing our faith on the road.

Radio is an intimate medium.  As his voice falls silent we no longer hear Fr Emil besides us in our homes, in our cars; we miss him waking up, going to bed, accompanying us in our prayers.

We thank you, Christian people, who by your interest, your faith, your participation, your financial support made Radio Veritas, the dream of Fr Emil, come true. You enabled him to bring the Lord Himself into so many lives.

Archbishop Emeritus William Slattery OFM
17th November 2020



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