Bishop Selemela to Catholic Women: “Your mission as Catholic women is that of discipling the girl child”

The Auxiliary Bishop of the Metropolitan Archdiocese of Pretoria has called on Catholic women to “mentor and animate the girl child.”

Addressing Catholic women gathered at the Catholic Church of the Beatitudes in Zwavelpoort, Pretoria, Bishop Masilo John Selemela said, “One of your missions as catholic Women is to mentor and animate the girl child. Girls in our society face many challenges, drug, and alcohol, abuses of any kind, they are victims of rape and friendships of inconvenience.”

“Your mission as Catholic women is that of discipling the girl child and bringing them into the mainstream of Catholic Faith and practice. To help them not be distracted but to make life-giving choices in life,” said Bishop Selemela during mass organised by the Catholic Women’s League (CWL) of Pretoria Archdiocese.

The World Union of Catholic Women’s Organization (WUCWO) day brought together Catholic women from different sodalities. In his address, Bishop Selemela highlighted ‘discipleship’, saying that “the call to discipleship is what animates this conference and drives your evangelizing agenda. Disciples are followers of Jesus, and in turn, they too create followers.”

Bishop Selemela further said, “The choice to become and remain a disciple rests with individuals, but discipleship is always nurtured corporately. Discipleship is not a course you go through; it’s a life you live out, fostered in a community of interdependence, support, teaching, and admonishment.”

“This is why faithfulness to and active participation in a local church and its small groups are so vital. The local church is the nursery for discipleship,” said Bishop Selemela during mass on Saturday, May 27.

Referring to sodality members the Auxiliary Bishop of Pretoria Archdiocese said that “It is important that as women belonging to the different formations of the church, come together to reflect on your mission as disciples in our time.”

“As catholic women you are already propelled by your faith to engage in the mission of transforming the various situations you encounter in life through your response as disciples. Faith is what immerses you in the world, and through faith, you make the difference,” said Bishop Selemela.



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