Bishop Frank Nubuasah to be installed Bishop of Gaborone on 17th August, 2019

Let’s join in prayer with the faithful of Gaborone as they prepare for the feast of the installation of their New Shepherd, Bishop Frank Nubuasah SVD.

Bishop Frank has been for many years the Bishop of Francistown in Botswana. After the resignation of Bishop Valentine Seane, Bishop Frank was given the position of being the administrator of the Diocese of Gaborone while he was still the Bishop of Francistown. Later, Holy Father Pope Francis appointed him to be the bishop of Gaborone. This means Bishop Frank has left the Diocese of Francistown vacant, that is without a shepherd.

We continue to remember, in our prayers, the faithful of Francistown diocese as they await for the new shepherd.

Bishop Frank will be installed the bishop of Gaborone Diocese on the 17th August 2019.



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